Causes of using jute bags rather than polythene bags

Nowadays, it is a common incident that polybags, as well as plastic products, spread here and there around us. It is clear that dependency on polybags has been increasing day by day in our society, simultaneously we are polluting our environment gradually which may bring a great disaster in near future.

The population is increasing gradually around the world, and simultaneously use and dependency on plastic is spreading everywhere, although lots of countries including Bangladesh, and Australia, have banned the use of the plastic bag in their local market also. It’s the biggest threat to the environment, we can realis the adverse effect of the polybag. More than 80% of our waste products are plastic, this garbage go into the seas and lakes, and it brings disaster to human as well as aquatic life. A report conducted by environmentalists that a large number of plastic deposits on the ocean floor continue to damage sea creatures for example fishes, turtles, etc. 

jute bags rather than polythene bag
Jute Basket

People around the world have been using plastic bags almost every day, and as a result, lots of waste, as well as disposal of plastic is increasing also. In many countries of the world disposed plastic looks like White Mountain, for this reason, many Governments have taken action to stop the use of plastic bags. At the same time motivating general public to use eco-friendly products like jute.

At the end of the day, people of the world have come to realize that it is time to stop the use of polythene. Due to water contamination and environmental pollution around the world many countries including Bangladesh, Australia, and Canada have prohibited plastics for better condition of health and the environment. Considering the bad impact on our society Governments of many countries have taken immediate action by replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly substitutes. There are lots of substitutes and jute is one of them, it is a biodegradable and eco-friendly product. It is compostable, reusable, space usage, and cost, durable also.

jute bag rather than polythene bag
Table Mat

Although jute bag is banned in many countries around the world, it is being used frequently, and it is difficult to take them away from our everyday life. There are several reasons for using it, one of them is that there is no substitute product for polythene, it is comparatively cheaper than other bags.

Plastic Bags vs Jute Bags:

1.    Jute is a natural fiber, one of the cheapest and available in many countries around the world. It is not only a strong fiber but also biodegradable. On the other hand, poly bags are non-biodegradable and is not disposed of in nature even in 100 years. 

2. The buyers, as well as retailers prefer plastic bags for various purposes, for example, lightweight, useful, cheap, strong, and easy to carry their stuff while purchasing or selling goods or services. Hence, polybags are not reusable and a huge amount of waste plastic bags are generated every day, at the same, these are collected to dispose of filling up the land.   

jute bag rather than polytene bag
jute sandal

3.  Granules are the main source of plastic bags which are the by-products of petroleum. This is not a renewable natural resource and it will be exhausted in the future. From this point of view, it is clear that jute bags are biodegradable and easily exhausted / dissolved in nature.     

4. Jute bags are more long-lasting than plastic bags, due to several reasons like reusability, durability, and attractiveness looking for a long time. On the other hand, polybags have a shorter life, lose their shine, and deteriorate the environment, and our health also although it’s cheaper.   

jute bag rather than polythene bag
jute pencil box

5.Remarkably, jute bags take very little time to decompose, but plastic bags do not decompose even within hundreds of years. As a result, we should use jute bags as much as possible.

Amazing Characteristics of jute

  # One of the best eco-friendly products.

 # It is a reusable product,

 # Jute products including bags can be decomposed within a month

# Jute bags are very strong and durable.

# Jute contains a CO2 footprint

 # Jute bags are trendy

# Jute bags are cheaper, 

Above mentioned advantages make jute bags the most essential stuff of our everyday life, these can be used in various ways, for example, gunny bags, shopping bags, carry bags, school bags, shoes, and many others, since easy to carry, types, textures, colors, and required sizes.

We all contribute to saving and protecting the environment from using plastic bags by replacing jute bags. At the same motivates other people to use it.

jute bag rather than polythene bag
jute toti bag

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